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Author Interview, Margo Kelly, WHO R U REALLY?

The unfortunate truth is that Margo Kelly's first book is based on the true story of her daughter's almost abduction by an online predator. Thankfully, her daughter is safe, and now Margo uses the book to help show parents and teens the dangers that exist online. Margo loves writing, and says she can write a full story in about a month; however, she spends practically the next year revising. "Somedays I feel like the process takes forever," she said, "but I know the extra time makes the story better." Read her full interview below. www.margokelly.net Margo Kelly Amazon author site 1. How many books have you published and when (month/year)? WHO R U REALLY? Merit Press September 2014 UNLOCKED

Author Interview, Rachel McClellan, Fractured Light

USA Today bestselling author Rachel McClellan believes that using multiple beta readers, building her newsletter, and of course telling a really awesome story are all key to being successful these days. Her other advice? Rally other writers around you. “Associate with writers right away. They will save you time in finding your way. I wish I would've known this! There are so many author groups on FB that offer tips and support. Writers are a special group, and the majority want to see others succeed.” See the rest of Rachel’s interview below. Author website: www.rachelmcclellan.com Amazon author page 1. How many books have you published and when (month/year)? Fractured Light February 2012 Ced

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