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Author Interview, Camille Andros, Charlotte the Scientist is Squished

Camille Andros's proactive approach to finding an agent paid off, and soon she had multiple offers from big name publishers. Any aspiring author’s dream, right? So how did this children’s book author get there? Check out her Author Interview below. Author website: www.camilleandros.com Amazon author page 1. How many books have you published and when (month/year)? Charlotte the Scientist is Squished Clarion Books Released March 14, 2017 My first book (above) has a companion book that will be published in 2018. I also have two other books coming. One Fall of 2018 and the other in 2019. 2. When did you start writing your first book? Where did the idea come from? I’ve been writing down ideas in

Author Interview, Mary Hoagland, Nourish & Strengthen

As a self-proclaimed "hybrid" author, Mary Hoagland has published traditionally and she has self-published. There are pros and cons to each, she said. Her other advice to writers? Make sure you have non-editors read your manuscript to see if they have an emotional connection. Also, find and go to a writers conference to learn more and associate with others in the industry. Check out her full Author Interview below! Author website: www.mariahoagland.com Author Amazon page 1. How many books have you published and when (month/year)? Nourish & Strengthen Oct. 2011 Family Size Feb. 2013 Still Time July, 2014 Home for the Holidays Dec. 2015 The {Re}Model Marriage March 2016 Kayaks & Kisses Nov. 20

Author Interview, Cassie M. Shiels, The Royal Spy

In 7th grade, Cassie M. Shiels got an idea for a book and started writing in her sparkly notebook. The idea seemed to come from nowhere, but she decided to just go with it. So many of us never finish those 7th grade dreams, but Cassie stuck with it. Many years and edits later, Cassie published The Royal Spy. That first publishing experience didn't go perfectly, but Cassie values her learning experience. She has since published a sequel, and has a third book in the series in the works. Her advice? Make it fun. And learn the value of Beta Readers. Read her full Author Interview below. And sure to check out her website and Amazon author page. www.cassiemshiels.com Cassie's Amazon author page 1.

Author Interview, Deborah Baldwin, Bumbling Bea

With over 40 years of teaching and 250 plays and musicals under her belt, Deborah Baldwin was more than qualified to write a children's book about putting on a middle school play. Not that putting pen to paper is an easy process. But as Deborah says, writing is a fluid process. If you stick with it, things happen, and pieces develop as they need to. "Characters have a way of showing up just when you need them," she said, "or they come forward on their own expecting to be heard." Read more of her Author Interview below. And be sure to check out her website: www.deborahbaldwin.net 1. How many books have you published and when (month/year)? Bumbling Bea October 2014 2. When did you start writi

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