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Author Interview: DP Davidson, Push

"There isn't one right way to be an author. If you want to be published with a big company, go for it! But don't be afraid to do it on your own. Choose your own adventure! " Author DP Davidson is living proof that if you dream it, you can do it. Even if you have written something and sat on it for a while, it's never too late to get it published, even if it means self-publishing. Just for for it! Read the rest of her Author Interview below. http://dpdavidson.blogspot.com https://www.facebook.com/DPD2012 Author site via Amazon 1. What are the titles of your published books? Push August 2012 Push Back January 2013 Eterna May 2013 Stan July 2014 Wolf River July 2015 I am also working on one now

Author Interview: GC Sinclaire, Arianna

Writing is a dream come true quite literally for GC Sinclaire, whose book Arianna is based on a dream. But there is more to writing than that. It's sometimes hard to describe, but Sinclaire does a good job when she says:"Writing calls to me and is something which feeds my very soul." I couldn't agree more. Read her Author Interview below, which includes insights into why she decided to self publish, and what's coming next for this new author. Check out her author website: www.gcsinclaire.com 1. How many books have you published and when? Arianna: A Tale from the Eleven Kingdoms 2016 2. When did you start writing your first book? Where did the idea come from? I started writing Arianna in Febr

Author Interview: Kelli Klampe, Stuart Series

Get to know your characters so well, you can predict their every move. Get to know them like a family member. That is what author Kelli Klampe believes is the secret to writing a good story. That's why having a good writing environment that allows her to spend time with her characters is key for writing her books. She needs that time and space to get to know them. Kelli is a sucker for history and so her other love is researching. And now she shares her research in her books. What better way to share her passion with others? But like any author, she worries how her books will be received. The trick is getting past it and writing despite those fears. Read more about her writing and publishing

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