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Author Interview: Mindy Hayes, Kaleidoscope

Mindy Hayes doesn't really have a choice. She HAS to write her book or she'll explode (her words). Eight books later, we're glad she still has those little bombs inside of her. Her advice to aspiring writers? Don't let anything stop you from writing. "It's up to you to create a world you believe in." www.mindyhayes.com www.facebook.com/hayes.mindy Amazon Author Page Read the rest of her Author Interview below: 1.How many books have you published and when? Faylinn Novels: Kaleidoscope - March 2013 Ember - August 2013 Luminary – September 2014 Willowhaven Series: Me After You - November 2013 Me Without You – March 2015 YA Standalones: The Day That Saved Us – April 2016 Paper Planes an

Author Interview: Eye of the Moonrat by Trevor H. Cooley

Publishers don't always get it right. Trevor H. Cooley was rejected by publishers many times until one day he bit the bullet and self-published. The rest is history. He has since published many more books and even quit his day job. He has amassed a loyal following and great reviews on Amazon; he has over 200 reviews for Eye of the Moonrat alone. All because he acted on a story that started melding in his brain in seventh grade. If you like' the epic fantasy genre, you'll likely enjoy his books. From his interview: "The first hurdle is finishing that first draft. If you don’t give up and keep going, that is a big accomplishment. You are already a more accomplished writer than 90% of aspiring

Author Interview: Deborah Laurent, The Glass Table

Her first book, The Glass Table, inspired two episodes of the hit TV show This is Us. Now one of her other books, The Christmas Robe, is going to be made into a Hallmark Christmas movie. You could say author Deborah Laurent is a little excited. But it definitely didn't happen overnight. In fact, she first started writing 42 years ago (before computers!). It was quite a process to bring that story to light. But her stories were meant to be told, and now her work is even helping to feed the homeless. Read her Author Interview below. Be sure to leave a comment! 1. How many books have you published and when (month/year)? The Glass Table January 2012 The Christmas Robe March 2013 Desires of the H

Author Interview: Stephanie J. Cress, Gilded Shadows

"A great editor does not change your voice, she helps you bring it out and polish it." Amen, author Stephanie J. Cress. It's amazing how much the editing process can teach you, as well as the writing process. Stephanie had heard writers were supposed to write a certain way, and became disillusioned... until she realized that everyone writes differently. And that's a good thing. Learn more on her website at www.stephaniejcress.com. And definitely check out her Author Interview below! 1. How many books have you published and when (month/year)? Gilded Shadows Mystic Publishers/NewLink Publishing July 2015 It is the first in an upcoming 5-book series called “Elements of Discord.” I also have two

Author Interview: Danna Walters, Gaze Upon a Blue Moon

When Danna Walters had to cut out sections of her story to make it better, at the time it was like ripping off a band-aid. Of course she knew that it was necessary--it just wasn't very pleasant. But then, the re-writing process can be like that. Read her Author Interview below to learn the inspiration behind her story and the work it took to get it published. Check out her website at www.authordanna.com. 1. How many books have you published and when (month/year)? Gaze Upon a Blue Moon Newlink Publishing September 2016 2. When did you start writing your first book? Where did the idea come from? December 2013. Up until this point, I’d written children’s books. I always wanted to write a novel,

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