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Author Interview: Fred Rayworth, Treasure of the Umbrunna

If author Fred Rayworth could offer two pieces of advice to aspiring authors, it would be this: 1. Join a writer's group (though it may take a few to find a good one), and 2. Learn your craft. Fred actually wrote long before he was published, and he shelved his first novel. It was a sort of practice novel, if you will, and won't ever be published. Because the goal wasn't to get rich or famous, it was the love of writing. He also did something that all aspiring authors should eventually do -- reach out to published authors for advice and mentorship. Check out his Author Interview below, and also be sure to check out his blog, where he writes a lot about writing itself. https://fredrayworth.c

Author Interview: Cameron C. Taylor, Does Your Bag Have Holes?

When God tells you to write, you write. At least, that is what author Cameron C. Taylor has done. Facing the blank page is still difficult, but when he remembers who he is writing for--to reach that one person who needs it--then he starts typing. Of course, he has years of experience in business and he does thousands of hours of research. Writing to him has been a natural extension of what he does, and it fits in well with working from home. If what he has written in the short time since he started publishing books, he still has a lot of great years ahead. Be sure to check out his website for more information! www.cameronctaylor.com 1. How many books have you published and when (month/year)?

Author Interview: Valerie Ipson, Ideal High

Valerie Ipson was so happy her eight-year journey of writing her novel was done, she jumped fully clothed into her swimming pool. Of course, authors know that finishing the first draft of a manuscript is just the beginning. But in Ipson's case, she didn't mind the editing and rewriting phases. It was the initial getting it down on paper that was hard. Even experienced writers have a hard time finding time or setting aside time to write for themselves. For many published authors, it's that first book that takes the longest; after knowing what it takes, it can be a little easier the second time around. Ipson is in the throws of writing her second book, though this time she is sure it won't tak

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