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Author Interview: Tamara Passey, The Christmas Tree Keeper

"If we all waited until we were smart enough, there wouldn’t be any books!" -Author Tamara Passey on why you shouldn't wait to write that book you've always dreamed of writing. Writers like Tamara find inspiration around them, and in turn, inspire others around them. Tamara's childhood family and now a family of her own have both inspired her writing. And now she has realized that one of the best parts of being a published author is hearing how her writing has inspired her readers. Like many other first-time authors, getting started was a challenge, but Tamara felt amazing when her first manuscript was finally finished. As she explained, "If it is your dream, don’t wait." Baby steps to the

Author Interview: Shanna Hatfield, Hearts of Clay

Forty-two books, people. Forty-two! Shanna Hatfield may be a self-proclaimed “hopeless romantic,” but she is also a hard worker. She wasn’t quite sure what she was doing when she started writing her first book (what author really does?) but she kept with it. Boy, did it pay off! Three years ago, she quit her day job and started writing full-time! She really is living her dream of being a writer. Check out her website and Facebook page to keep up with all her work: http://shannahatfield.com https://www.facebook.com/AuthorShannaHatfield 1. How many books have you published and when? Book number 42 releases Sept. 27, 2016, as part of a holiday boxed set of novella length romances. I belong to a

Author Interview: David Butler, Reading with the Right Brain

I believe the key to this author's success is that he listens to what his customers are saying and then writes books that cater to their needs (all within his sphere of expertise). I've come to know David Butler as the "Speed Reading" guy. As I was editing his books Reading with the Right Brain and Easy Speed Reading, it all made sense. I am a naturally fast reader, but never realized why until I learned of his method. I love David's method! It definitely works. The great thing about David's writing is that it is clean, to the point, and easy to follow--which is great for an instructional/self-help genre. For him, writing books was a natural progression to his business of teaching people

Author Interview: Jen Nicomedes Stone, The First Guidebook for Feng Shui Enthusiasts

Jen has been my best friend since history class in high school, and I could go on and on about why I loved her back then. But let me tell you what impresses me about Jen now. She has whole-heartedly followed her dream. After college, she was an accountant in corporate America. She did this for years, but then she realized that wasn't her forever path. So she carved a new one. Instead of following what other people told her to do, she became an entrepreneur. She founded Feng Shui by Jen, where she practices and teaches Classical Feng Shui. She consults with people to improve their spaces, she is a real estate agent in Arizona, and she also trains others in the art of Classical Feng Shui aroun

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